Sunday, October 16, 2016

Fun, Fun, Fun!

We all seem to retain a little more information when we are having fun!  That is why I have decided to incorporate Fun Day Fridays throughout the school year.  Now, I will be honest, I was a little skeptical at first.  I thought that dedicating one day to fun would have a detrimental affect on my student's academic performance.  I am very happy to admit that I was wrong!  I must admit that all of our Fun Day Fridays are very strategic.  Fridays are also test days for us, and therefore, requires a review.  I make sure all of our reviews are fun, energetic, and kinesthetic.  To top it off, we end the day with a special treat!

Here is a little glimpse into our classroom themes!

Color Theme

During our color theme we reviewed all of the colors and color words.  Here are a few of the activities we did:

 Here we are sorting and graphing skittles on our color graph.

 Here is our cute little "Brown Bear, Brown Bear..." story retell.

The most exciting part of our color theme week, was when we dug into this rainbow cake!

5 Senses Theme

We had a blast with our 5 senses theme.

We went on a nature walk and recorded our observations.

 This little fellow decided to grace us with his presence during our nature walk.

We also explored some pop rocks using all five senses!  This was so much fun!

After jotting down our observations, we dipped a lollipop into our pop rock candy.

New and Fun Centers

Here are a few of the new centers we have incorporated.

Our count the room centers are a big hit!  Students go on a hunt around the room to find a number or count objects.  They then record their answers.  

This is how we use playdough in Kindergarten!

Here is a little action from my small group table!  Matching numbers with number words.

The friends at my table pulled a number and had to place that number under the correct number word.  They had to be careful not to pull a monster card!

I Am Special Theme 

This special celebration was all apart of our Bible lesson.  We discussed the miraculous gift of Sarah and Abraham's son, Isaac.  Students learned that they were fearfully and wonderfully made and are special to God and their parents as well.  Sooooo, the parents helped me through a surprise party in order to celebrate the birth of each child!  This was the Best Day Ever!!!!  Let me just say, that I am blessed to have some of the most wonderful, and creative parents ever!  Check out what they did!

And that's not all......  

After eating and enjoying the decorations and gifts, each student received one more extra special surprise.  Every parent sent in a picture and a special letter expressing how much they cherish their fearfully and wonderfully made child.  The letters were so extra special that I received chills and just about cried!

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Welcome Back!!!

I believe I will start off with our fun activities!  Last Friday we had a "Chicka Chicka Boom Boom Day!"  Our kinder friends were able to create their lovely Chicka, Chicka Trees, conduct a classroom experiment, and to top it off we were able to go bowling in the classroom!

Here are our lovely Chicka, Chicka Trees!

We were able to see a real coconut and made an educated guess on whether or not a coconut would sink or float.  These were the results of our hypothesis.  Of course, the coconut floated!

Please forgive the side view...working out kinks.

We were able to try coconut water and coconut cookie balls.  Once everyone completed the taste test we graphed what we liked and what we disliked.  Check out these results!

Please forgive the side view...working out kinks.

We were also able to try a little sight word bowling.  Each pin had a sight word or letter on it.  Students had to read the pins they knocked down.  This was the highlight of our day!

We have also been working a lot in our interactive reading journals.  Last weeks focus was on Chicka Chicka Boom Boom.  One of our questions was about problem solving.  Students were asked what could the letters do to keep themselves from getting hurt.  There responses were pretty grand!
"The letters should jump onto a trampoline so they won't get hurt."
I also wanted to share some pictures of art work and brain work!

Finally, I would like to end with a shout out to the "Blue Wave" team at our school (the maintenance crew).  They work so hard throughout the year to help keep our church/school campus flowing in excellence!  I thought they deserved a little treat....

Until next time.....

Live, Laugh, and Love 2 Teach!